Sphinx Medical Limited

Sphinx Medical Limited

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“Sphinx Medical has worked with Braidwood Graham for a number of years.

We use their accountancy, book-keeping and auditing services. They are a very proactive company who consistently deliver results. They have been with us since we started and continue to work with us as our company grows and changes.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Claire Bullen – Chief Operating Officer, Sphinx Medical Limited


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Graham McGrath Ltd

Graham McGrath Ltd


“We have been clients of Braidwood Graham for many years and as yet I have no idea what they talk about.

They show me figures which mean nothing to me and I smile as if I’m understanding this foreign accounting language.

Karen Graham drinks all my coffee and eats all the good cakes that come into my office.

Would I change them or go to someone else……… not on your life!”

David McGrath – Graham McGrath Limited


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EH45 Limited

EH45 Limited


“Braidwood Graham are categorically the best accountants for my business (ever!). My accounting requirements are relatively simple and, they don’t faff about and make it complicated.

Braidwood Graham are (a) excellent accountants (b) good people and (c) not backward at coming forward with candid advice about what I can do, what I should do and what I will be doing. There’s an ‘or else’ in there sometimes too…. but they always preface that with tea and some digestives.

Braidwood Graham are professional, friendly, almost family accountants and, they will be my accountants for business and personal tax until I don’t need accountants any more.”

Craig Robertson – EH45 Limited


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